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In December 2006 during a small congregation of devotees at the Kalkaji ashram, Delhi, many expressed the desire to see a revival of the 'spirit of belonging' among Ma's children. It was felt that gradually, with the passing on of the older inspirational figures the bonding among devotees was gradually fading. This also led to the depletion of collective efforts and 'Seva' required for the successful continuance and running of Ma's ashrams and institutions. Collective Endeavour is possible only when devotees have a chance of interaction, exchange of ideas understanding and fellowship.


To create such an occasion an idea that emerged was to mark one day of the month as 'Matri Divas' or Mother's Day when devotees could congregate for darshan, discourse and ' self generated' satsang without any formal agenda and share the Experiences they have had with Ma.


Our findings in several meetings of 'Matri Divas' are that many old devotees like to share their own experiences and hear about others in both day to day matters, as well as in spiritual guidance. Interestingly, Some of the Experiences that they had not thought of sharing earlier, they felt the need to share them with fellow devotees, while attending the 'Matri Divas'. Ultimately it leaves participants feeling moved, peaceful and blessed.


What has really inspired us to include this additional section of :-


'Devotees Experiences with Ma' , in the Website, was –


That there are many new devotees who recently came to Ma and though they never had Ma's Darshans in Body they have had beautiful experiences both miraculous and spiritual that they like to share.


A number of old devotees have also expressed that the younger generation is drifting away and since we found that whenever devotees children have attended the Matri Divas they appear to have got more involved and interested in finding out the details of experiences by both new and old devotees.


Two sections are being developed :-

This will be available on general website in print form.

The other section is being developed which will go under the membership of the website and may include several amazing experiences which people would like to share only with other devotees. These will be mainly in video form with actual recordings of devotees themselves or their immediate family members.


(We would welcome devotees experiences from other devotees also either in print form or in video. kindly contact Rajib Ghosh at Kankhal:



1. A shower of Affection.


2. God's Mercy.


3. My First and Second Darshan of Sri Ma.


4. Ma, we remember thee so much.


5. Reminiscences of Anandamayee Ma.


6. Matri Lila.


7. Mother as Revealed to Me from a distance by looking at Her picture.


8. The Holy Mother Anandamayee - As I have Known Her.


9.The All Pervading Presence of the Mother. 


10.On the way to new life.