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In the history of this lineage, many many decades ago, there had been among that: ancestors, one who had led himself to become fully illumined through what he had received from his own Guru and other such contacts. Since then, the seva-puja of the Kula Vigraha (family deity) of this lineage, Shree Shree Raj Rajeshwor Salagram Shila had been maintained all these years. The lineage, too, of Shree Shree Gurur had beeri continuing to function, assuming special significance, since initiated by him. Pertaining to the mahasutra (super cause), Shriyukt Bipin Bihari Bhattacharya Mahasaya belonged to this very Vidyakut. Thus, indeed, he is Gurukumar, the son of a Gurur, descended through successive generations originated in the past from one who could be regarded as a Maharishi.








Shriyukt Bipin Bihari Bhattacharya Mahasaya received his education, as considered from the worldly point of view, on such subjects and other matters as the circumstances in those days permitted. However, a sincere, simple and ardent exuberance relating to bhagavat bhava-prem (divine forever and love) was noticed in him.


In the context of the relation between Ma's father Bipin Bihari Bhattacharya and daughter, Ma is briefly disclosing in a few words this Svarupa (of father) by indication. An indication of Ma's own Svarupt, is also here. The gross, subtle and causal are of infinite variations. But what is the cause of cause, the great Cause, there all abides in all-this is an indication pointing to Swamool.


Extract from Shree Shree Mas 108 Jayanti Mahotsav

Bipin Behari was a simple, modest unassuring Brahmin boy, the only son of a widow. He was a great devotee of Lord Hari and he seemed to have attained state of bliss which sages only can claim. He had mastery over several musical instruments. People used to marvel at the radiant innocence of his expression when he was in ecstasy during song offerings. From the childhood, his mind was the fountain head of mirth of all. He was also an unpublicized master of Yoga. They also came in a line of religious preceptors. The presiding deity Rajvajeshwar blessed this family. Once when Mokshada's youngest son Jadunath (Makhan) became seriously ill, the Lord took the form of a young boy and advised the worried mother to arrange a special offering. Makhan recovered in no time.


Bipin Behari was so steeped in his meditation in search of God since his childhood that at times he would forget his mother and disappear from home. Neighbours would search him out to be returned to the anguished mother. Even after his marriage, he disappeared for some time with the plea of seeing places. Bipin Behari, incidentally, was also very handsome.

Bipin Behari's indifference to family life had already caused economic difficulties and the situation worsened after his marriage. Mokshada spent her youthful days in utter poverty, striving hard from morning till night, but never with a word of complaint.

Bipin Behari Bhattacharya

Ma's Father

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