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Dhaulchina Ashram



This picturesque Ashram is situated on the Nilgiri peak of the Himalayas at a distance of about 15 kilometers from the town of Almora. In 1937 while Ma was going to Kailash through the hilly track, she stayed in this village for one night. On three sides of this Ashram radiant chain of snow peaks are clearly visible.


In 1957 an Ashram was built here through the efforts of the late Hariram Joshi. Ma came here again in 1964.


The place, situated on the lap of the mountain-king Himalayas, has a celestial and charming beauty of its own. The speechless sadhana of the Himalayas devoted to meditation of the Infinity for ages attracts human mind to this beautiful place with the object of turning the fickle mind into solitary sadhana.

Views of the Himalayas from the ashram hilltop